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Lanette Knox

Omenala Dance Instructor

Mrs. Knox started dancing at the age of 3yrs old in Bronx, NY.  She has experience from Ballet to African Dance.  She has instructed ages 4 - 19 years of age.  Mrs. Knox moved  from New York to Florida and found her passion working with young girls at her current ministry.  Mrs. Knox proudly decided to volunter with Darling Diamonds to teach African and Lyrical Dance.  With her years of experience and expertise, she ensures that every young lady shares and have the same passion for the arts.  

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Age group: 10-18

(African Dance)

Omenala African Dance is a cultural performance team that incorporates West African, South African and Eastern African cultures.  We choreograph dances by using simple movements that are shaped by traditional music and dance.

African dance refers to a form of performing art found among cultures that are practiced today within modern dance.  It involves rhythmic body movements combined with music and sometimes theatrical presentations. 

Class Schedule:


6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

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