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Our Classes

Darling Diamonds is concerned about turning our young girls into dynamic young women. The "Total Young Lady" is our goal.  Below are some great classes designed to make a difference in the way they get there. 
Diamond Etiquette and Self Esteem

- Workshops on inner beauty, etiquette and life skills

- Communication skills: Understanding how to meet and greet, importance of handshakes,

conversation techniques, speaking volume and etiquette

- Personal Image

- Dressing appropriately

- Grooming techniques

- Make Up tips

- The importance of Self Appearance

Sew N' Go

- Understand the basics of sewing

- Learn how to trace, cut fabric and hand sew

- Learn how to utilize a sewing machine to make your fashionable items

- Level 1 (Beginner), Level 2 (Moderate), and Level 3 (Advanced)

- Bling Runway Show (Annual Event). Show off your designs.

Diamond Chef

- Learn basic cooking skills, kitchen safety, proper food handling, and food preparation

- Class include cooking and baking

- Learn basic table setting and manners.

- Eating healthy

Young Entrepreneurship Program

Young Entrepreneurship Program (Class)

- Learn how to become a young business owner

- Learn how to understand the importance of a business plan, personal/business credit and much more.

- Learn how to launch your business the right way

Other Exciting Classes




and much, much more.

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